We’re constantly on the lookout for great films to recommend. If you have a suggestion for a film to feature, send it our way. We cover all kinds of independent films, from documentary to narrative, from foreign to domestic. In order for films to be eligible for an official Indie Film Minute recommendation, they must be available through rental or download.

If you’d like us to recommend your own film and it’s not widely available, it’s best to mail us a physical copy. If we like it enough to share it with the world, we’ll feature it on the Indie Film Minute and spread the word.

If you write well and love films, you’re welcome to submit a radio script for our consideration. We publish scripts that recommend quality American indies, classics, documentaries, and foreign films, all available to everyone through rental or download.

Please note that Indie Film Minute will not consider scripts that have been previously published online in any form, including on social media and private blogs. All scripts published by the Indie Film Minute in any format will be the exclusive property of the Indie Film Minute brand. We do not currently assign a byline to radio scripts. If we decide to use at least 80% of your material in an Indie Film Minute show, we will pay you twenty-five dollars for ownership of the script. In order to ensure a consistency in our style, we reserve the right to make edits to accepted content.

To be used, and therefore paid in association, the submission must be less than 230 words long, including the standard opening and closing. The film title should be mentioned both early and late in the script. Each of our shows is unique. The only way to get a feel for our style and the kind of content we publish is to visit our archives and listen to past recommendations.

To suggest a film or submit a script, email us at indiefilmminute@gmail.com. When submitting a script, please attach your submission as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf attachment.